xAPI In A Nutshell

xAPI IN A Nutshell

xAPI In A Nutshell

Trackable learning is no longer confined to what happens in the LMS.

Experience API (xAPI) tracks all types of learning experiences based on three components.

  • Actor: This is the learner that is linked to the experience and can be an email or other identifiable data.
  • Verb: What the learner did (answered, commented, watched, passed, completed).
  • Object: What activity the experience is linked to (question, forum, video, PDF).

xAPI Is Captured In A Learning Record Store

No matter where the experience happens, it can be recorded with xAPI.

  • Not limited: xAPI is not limited to just a Learning Management System, it can be used in just about any connected system.
  • Flexible: xAPI data can be accessed by different systems, to check learning outcomes or any system that
  • Platform Agnostic: Can be accessed from any platform, any application, and any device.

Created by Julian Davis. You can find more information on xAPI at eLearning Industry.


Via: https://digitallearningsolutions.com.au/xapi-in-a-nutshell-infographic/
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