The Best Learning Management Systems Based On User Experience

The Best Learning Management Systems based on User Experience

The Top 20 LMS List Based On User Experience

This Top 20 LMS list has been created using a holistic approach and is based on input from actual LMS users. The order of appearance depends on System Usability Score, Perceived Usefulness & Net Promoter Score. You can also find User-Friendly LMS Resources that will help you choose the right software.


This Top 20 LMS list has been planned following a holistic approach based on input from actual users who were willing to share their experience with the LMS.

The reviews have been verified one by one by eLearning Industry.

The order of appearance is a function of the following metrics:

  1. System Usability Scale: The most widely used and validated metric for measuring ease of use.
  2. Perceived Usefulness: The degree to which a user considers that the LMS maximizes their work performance.
  3. Net Promoter Score (NPS): The metric that quantifies on a 1-10 scale how much users are likely to recommend the product or not.
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