Online Education Statistics 2021

Online learning blew up last year. Thanks to the shutting down of schools, universities, and all other major educational institutions, the shift to remote education was swift. As people have become much more acquainted with this mode of instruction, and can often access online platforms to learn at their own pace, the changes could be here to stay.

For brands, the online education trend represents a great opportunity. And no, it’s not limited to educational technology platforms alone. HubSpot has launched over 350 courses on its Academy that results in brand awareness and leads for the company every month. An Ebook by the company proclaims their platform grew 115% year-over-year.

To help you make sense of this acceleration in Elearning, Graphic Rhythm has designed an infographic presenting key online education stats. It presents a few data-backed profitable course subjects and corporate learning trends you can leverage to create your first online course.

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