A Teacher’s Morning: Today Will Be a Better Day

At 5am the alarm rings out

But it does not wake him up

He’s been staring in the darkness for an hour

There’s a routine battle raging in his brain

Can he do this again today?

He summons up the courage 

To rise up from his bed

And shuffles to the shower

Like he’s walking the green mile

No turning back now

He listens to his music on the 20 minute drive

Hoping it will help to clear his head

But his mind is dancing to the beat

To keep time with the rhythms 

Of the unforgiving task that awaits him

He’s been doing this for so long

It should be much easier than this

But time has ravaged the landscape

Of his once beautiful vocation

He drives on toward the desert

Safety lights project lonely shadows

Upon the empty parking lot

As he pulls into his customary spot

He shuffles toward the entryway

On the pathway to the gallows that await

But as he walks along the halls

The mood begins to change

Everywhere he looks there are reminders

Of why sailed through the cold darkness

To wash up on these familiar shores

Empty schools possess a special kind of charm

His spirits lift a bit as he inhales

Untapped potential flowing from the ducts

Ghosts of former students whisper encouragement

Today will be a better day

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