The Real Reason Behind the Push for School Choice

The war on public education is entering its final stages. It’s been a nearly two decade long process leading us to the final phase of battle. That battle will happen in November. The GOP, to their credit, have done a masterful job of manipulating the game to this point. They built a great Trojan Horse and passed it through the gate in 2002. The No Child Left Behind Act was the the catalyst–the Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand–the Pearl Harbor– event upon which the war on public education was sparked. From that point on, it’s been an incremental chipping away process that has brought us to the precipice of ruin. The real reason behind this war has been revealed slowly over the years. It was always discernible for those who looked closely but today it’s blatantly in our faces. This is all a part of the long-plan of the GOP at the national level to commandeer the very creed of our nation. The plan is to turn America into what the far-right has claimed it is all along; a formally Christian nation.

Of course, this attempted coup is completely unconstitutional. That’s why this has been approached as a long-game war. And that’s why public education has been a chief target of the GOP. The more education one has, the more likely they are to be progressive. The GOP leadership–many of them largely unknown to the general public–understands this and that’s why they started the war. In order to create a nation based upon Christianity (their version), the most crucial step in the process is the mind-control of the young. Our current crop of K-12 students were not yet born when this war began, but they are becoming its collateral damage. Now the stage has been set for the final assault–the storming of the beach, if you will–and our youngest and future students are going to become the casualties if the final battle is lost. Once again I say, that final battle is coming in November.

In order to complete their master plan, the GOP must capture enough young minds to control the future. They haven’t accomplished that yet. Enter the voucher system. Here is the sinister beauty of their master plan: Once the Trojan Horse was in place, they began to demonize public schools with their inequitable and bigoted school and teacher accountability system. Once underprivileged schools were stigmatized, the GOP began to push for public tax monies to be used to allow public school students to be sent to private–often Christian–schools. Every time that happens, public schools are further weakened and another child’s mind can be manipulated. We aren’t there yet, but if the trend continues long enough, the GOP will have been able to indoctrinate an army of Christian Nationalists. If that is accomplished, they will have all the pieces in place to completely rewrite the Constitution to their ultimate end goal–a theocratic America.

This nation was born out of the desperate need to escape a theocracy. Our very skeleton is constructed in such a way that a theocracy could never happen here. Students educated in public schools learn this and that’s what the GOP wants to stop. When public schools teach the facts about our Constitution, the GOP accuses us of indoctrinating students with anti-Christian rhetoric. Make no mistake about it, this is why they push for vouchers. Vouchers are a battle for the control of young minds.

So when we saw Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (who cowered in fear a thousand miles away as 20,000 friends of public education demonstrated outside his workplace in November of 2019 during the Red for Ed Action Day rally) donning a yellow scarf–the theme color for school choice–to speak in support of school choice last week, we saw the veil coming off of the master plan. It’s out in the open now. There’s no more hidden agenda. This is war.

That is why the election in November of 2020 will tell which way this war ends. If the GOP remains in power, they will likely win and we will see a hastened pace toward the dismantling of the Constitution and the emergence of a theocratic America.

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