Indiana Governor Holcomb Continues to Insult and Taunt Public School Teachers.

Back in November when 20,000 red clad supporters of public education descended upon the Indiana statehouse for the Red for Ed Action Day Rally, our Governor was cowering a thousand miles away. This snub did not go unnoticed. That very evening, he boasted on social media about how big a chunk of the state budget goes to education. He did not tell the real story of how the state’s inequitable and bigoted school accountability system actually funnels money away from the schools and teachers most in need. He also neglected to mention that the biggest education spending increases, by far, go to fund school choice options.

Since then, Holcomb has been playing good cop/bad cop, claiming he’s considering teacher pay raises and then sitting back and letting his supermajority assassins shoot every pro-public school bill down in congress. At one point, I believed the governor was trying to appear more sympathetic to the plight of public school teachers until the coming November election and then hammer us again after his reelection. But since his biggest challenger has dropped out of the race, Holcomb now appears to have given up on trying to snow us. Now he’s just blatantly rubbing our noses in it.

This was made very apparent when he recently spoke at an event promoting school choice. The anti-public education school choice movement has adopted yellow as their theme color. Governor Holcomb, the same man who hid from the Red for Ed Action Day Rally, proudly took to the podium at the school choice function to deliver his message while wearing a yellow scarf.

I just want to say this for the record: If Governor Holcomb didn’t do that as a direct slap in the face of public school teachers then he’s just a clueless moron for not understanding how it would be perceived. I don’t believe he is a clueless moron, though. I believe he is a shrewd politician. That leaves only one clear message to be received from his actions. He has decided to double down and go public with his war on public school teachers.

The message has been received loud and clear, Governor Holcomb. You have accomplished one thing, to be certain. You have lit a fire under thousands of normally docile teachers who are now going to be even more aggressive in their efforts to remove the weapons you have at your disposal to fight your war. We may not be able to remove you, given the fact that there’s not a lot of time to groom a candidate to run against you, but we can certainly take away your supermajority of soldiers in you war.

We have a lot of teachers who have decided to run for public office to help stop your siege on public schools. We will be successful in at least putting a great dent in your congressional stronghold, mark my words.

Just keep ignoring those of us who wear the red, Governor. Keep showing up wearing your yellow with your overconfident smirk. You are only fueling the fire.

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2 Replies to “Indiana Governor Holcomb Continues to Insult and Taunt Public School Teachers.”

  1. Be angry all you want, but until Indiana teachers are willing to strike, those in power won’t care.

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