Are You Ready for Eddie? My Eddie Melton for Governor Campaign Challenge

A high percentage of teachers have a job or two on the side to help supplement their income. I supplement my income through my second career as a writer. I don’t make a lot of extra money through writing, but it helps with the gas, groceries, and vacation fund. I’ve been writing my butt off here at this new outlet I created last month. I’ve been railing against the governor, his supermajority legislature and their anti-public education agenda. I’ve also promoted and endorsed Governor Holcomb’s opponent in the upcoming gubernatorial race, Senator Eddie Melton. I made a donation to Mr. Melton’s campaign on the day I endorsed him. I’ve decided that I want to do more. I will continue to make contributions as my supplemental income allows. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Now I want to challenge all my public education people to find ways to use what resources you have to help support Senator Melton.

I challenge you to donate and help spread the word. In 2012, we saw how powerful we are when we stand together when Glenda Ritz shocked the world. We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

What will you do to help push Eddie Melton all the way to the Governor’s Mansion?

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