Indiana’s Supermajority House Just Spat Right in the Face of Teachers

The dust of the Red for Ed Action Day rally has barely settled and already the Indiana House supermajority has shown that it has no respect for the cause of public education whatsoever. Their contempt for public school teachers was put on full display today when they selected Todd Huston to replace the retiring Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma.

November 19th was a grand opportunity. As 20,000 teachers from across the state gathered in solidarity outside the Statehouse, there was a feeling of hope in the air that maybe, just maybe, that showing could have an impact on the state’s lawmakers. They had the opportunity to see that awesome display and to take to heart the message that was being sent. Today, they sent a resounding message right back at teachers which was tantamount to a spit in the face. That message was, “we are doubling down on our war on public education and to hell with you.”

The appointment of Todd Huston as Bosma’s successor could not be a more direct slap in the face to teachers. Huston represents everything that is tearing public education apart. He could be the poster boy for the anti-public education agenda being rammed down teachers’ throats for the past 15 years.

Before he was elected to the state legislature in 2012, Huston, a Fishers resident, served as the chief of staff for former state schools superintendent, Tony Bennett. That’s right, the infamous Tony Bennett. You might remember Mr. Bennett from his greatest hit. He was a champion for school choice vouchers and a vocal proponent for charter schools. He wanted charter schools to succeed so badly–to show up traditional public schools–that he was caught red-handed demanding that the performance grade of one of his pet charter schools be artificially raised. When Bennett’s pet charter school, Christel House, failed to perform up to his standards, he saw to it that the school’s grade was changed to an A. Bennett was soundly defeated by upstart educator, Glenda Ritz, in 2012. He later resigned a similar post in Florida in shame when his dirty dealings in Indiana came to light. Todd Huston was right by Bennett’s side throughout this scandal.

But there’s more to the Todd Huston story than just that. Huston is a senior vice president of the College Board, the company that administers the SAT college admissions test. Yes, the soon-to-be Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives is a big wig at a monster standardized testing company. Holy moly! Can you say conflict of interest? One of the biggest scandals in all of public education is the big money tied to these standardized testing companies. Now, we’ve promoted a man with a vested interest in such companies to the highest post in the Indiana House.

This war just escalated.

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9 Replies to “Indiana’s Supermajority House Just Spat Right in the Face of Teachers”

  1. I am a retired teacher and fear for my daughters and former colleagues who are still in the trenches. I wore “red for ed” and watched the news and hoped for a change as a lot of people did. I don’t see any end to the problem. I will vote in the elections, I will campaign for good candidates with education reform in their platform, , do what I can. My meager resources can’t hold much weight with the millions being wasted on standardized tests. My heart goes out to teachers who have to use these in their schools.

  2. Remember- teachers defeated the pathetic Tony Bennett and Mrs. Ritz got more votes than Mr. Pence. We can use our votes for positive change if we will.

  3. Red for ed is a political ploy period. Using teachers (most unknowingly) to push socialist agenda.

    1. Jim, cite your evidence for your opinion.

    2. Jimmy, please!!!!! This is a site for intelligent comment… please limit yours.

    3. Jim think about it, good schools cause property values to go up. funding schools so that they have good teachers and working to have them be the best in the country will cause your property to go up in value. Pulling money out of local schools to fund charter schools will not improve your local schools and will in the end harm your property values. If you want to fund Charter fine, give them money for performance and seek value for the money spent. We all need to ask how do we make our local schools better so the value of our property goes up.

  4. Teachers that care is the front line against a socialist agenda not that piece of crap Todd Houston just appointed to push his own agenda!!

  5. Don’t forget how MRS BENNETT profited: “Tony Bennett’s wife, Tina, since early 2013 has been working for Charter Schools USA, the for-profit company that Tony Bennett picked to take over the so-called F schools in the Indianapolis Public Schools system. As is by now widely known, Christel House, a charter school founded by Christel DeHaan, Bennett’s $130,000 donor, was given a revised grade to reflect an A, which it hadn’t earned under Bennett’s grading formula.” -South Bend Tribune, 2013. These politicians are siphoning tax money for personal gain in ways that consistently go unchecked.

  6. Strike Leave At Diff times each day; let the people in charge figure out when you are going to be there and when you are not

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