A Red for Ed Anthem

Since I started this blog last week, I’ve had some nagging phrases banging around in my brain. Just little fragments of thoughts and concepts that seemed to be calling to me. The Red for Ed Action Day rally captured my imagination and began to dominate my thoughts, begging to come out in creative ways. I dabble in poetry and, in the last year or so, I’ve been turning quite a few of my poems into songs–over a hundred of them, in fact. Those little phrase fragments that had been swirling in my mind started to come together in the form of a poem. The poem, though seemingly ambiguous, is actually an impressionistic statement on the state of public education and a call for reason among all stakeholders to work together break the chain that binds us before it’s too late. This evening, I decided to put all of that into song. I’ll call it my Red for Ed Anthem. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Remember, all that momentum and unity we saw on Nov. 19th only matters if we stay after it and demand that substantive change is made to help us “break the chain.”

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