Mobile Learning Trends For 2019

Mobile Learning Trends For 2019-Infographic

Did you know?

  • 70% of learners felt more motivated when training on a mobile device, as opposed to a computer. (Source: LearnDash)
  • Mobile eLearners typically study for 40 minutes longer than a student using a desktop or tablet. (Source: MNAlearning)

Clearly, Mobile learning is a "must have" today. Take a look at 10 Mobile Learning Trends in 2019 that you should invest on.

  1. BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy: Empower your learners to select the device they want to learn on and encourage learning "on-the-go."
  2. Mobile first (responsive) approach: Opt for smartphone optimized designs and see the learner engagement and training impact soar.
  3. Mobile learning for formal learning particularly in a microlearning format: Adopt microlearning-based training to facilitate the consumption of content "on-the-go" in short, snackable bites.
  4. Mobile learning for informal learning, particularly in a microlearning format: Add job aids or performance support tool to support your formal training and encourage social learning.
  5. Personalization: Provide relevant and relatable content to the learners (based on their interest or proficiency).
  6. Content curation: Provide relevant learning assets and paths for the learners. the curated content can offer primary training or support it.
  7. Inclusive learning (featuring User Generated Content (UGC): Encouraging contributions from learners can support the existing training programs at multiple levels. This also aids social or collaborative learning.
  8. Video and interactive based training: Offer videos and interactive video-based microlearning nuggets for both formal and informal training.
  9. Mobile apps for learning: Offer additional flexibility to the learners to download the content and peruse it offline. Furthermore, you can personalize content and push updates and notifications with ease.
  10. Gamification with personalization, microlearning and apps: Integrate multiple approaches in the Next Gen format and offer learners the best of these 3 techniques.

These mobile learning trends reflect learner-centric approaches that will help you create:

  • Higher learner engagement
  • More sticky learning experiences
  • Successful application of learning
  • Social or collaborative learning
  • Learning as a continuum
  • Better ROI


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