What Is Microlearning Within eLearning?

What Is Microlearning Within e-Learning—Infographic

What Is Microlearning Within eLearning?—Infographic

Microlearning is a hot topic. At Flowsparks, we explain this and show you how eLearning with microlearning can help. The best way to design microlearning is to focus on one learning goal. This allows the learner to go in-depth into the provided topic and to really become an expert on it. Because of the focus of microlearning it keeps itself to the point and makes for a more engaging learning experience which is offered just in-time.

The additional advantage microlearning brings, is that the production does not require a lot of effort. Especially when you can follow certain templates which allow you to convert learning objectives into small learning activities. On top of that, you can then tailor these learning activities for your organization and focus on the message your organization values within the training content.

Via: https://www.flowsparks.com/resources/microlearning/
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